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Below you will find a list of the services that we offer to businesses and organisations across the scale. Please note: When required we can also offer complementary services, such as pest control and grounds maintenance. to find-out more about our full gamut of services and to request an Evidence Pack, example Certification or example Risk and Method Statements, please fill-in the short form on our Contact Page

Cleaning Ducting/Extraction/Ventilation

Grease and Grime

As a business owner who utilises Ducting/Extraction/Ventilation you'll be well aware of the risks caused by not maintaining clean ductwork and extraction. To stress the point, the build-up of grease and grime in ducting and extraction systems is the cause of a large percentage of fires in restaurants, takeaways, chip shops and similar establishments up and down the UK — the danger this causes to human lives is of-course very serious, and in addition to this, any fire caused by such negligence will invalidate any insurance relating to fire in the property.

Dust and Debris

The accumulation of dust and debris in air conditioning ductwork that has not been maintained and cleaned regularly, creates prime conditions for infectious micro-organisms such as MRSA and Flu to thrive and spread throughout a building.

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B.R.C. Compliant – Pre Audit & Post Audit Support

We have carried out a number of activities for large food manufactures to assist them in gaining A Grades in BRC.

All works are supported with Evidence packs including before and after pictures and we interact well with site technical, Production & Engineering Teams.

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